Facebook Ads, Video creative

Facebook Ads – Video Creative

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Facebook Video Ads

According to Facebook, contribution from video creative in overall ads performance has increased drastically over past year or so and this trend is most likely to go up in future as well. Due to increased video content on Facebook, users now spend greater amount of time on Facebook than before but on the flip side it also poses more challenges for advertisers.

The best practice of using video ads is to adopt the story telling approach i.e. designing them in a way that it establishes a connection with its viewers instead of solely promoting a brand or product. This calls for more focus on communicating the unique story of your brand in a way that it’s not only creative and engaging but also promotes your brand and make a firm mark in consumers mind. The more shareable your videos are the more their reach will be.

Videos are very helpful when the campaign objective of the advertiser is brand awareness but an action from the viewer is also desired such as sharing the video, website visit or product purchase. In order to induce your viewers to take the desired action, a call-to-action must be set with a proper plan i.e. the text should be aligned with that CTA button.

A lot of the video viewers don’t convert after watching your video for the first time so it becomes extremely important to remarket the people who viewed the video with the help of a follow-up campaign. Facebook does offer “video view” campaign objective and audiences can be created based on viewers of different videos that you have used in your campaigns. So, if a video does not bring a conversion in the first view it does not imply that there is something wrong with the CTA or the ad copy.

Given the video ads are properly used, they surely can make a significant difference in the overall performance of your campaigns.

Facebook Ads, Creative Testing

Facebook Ads – Creative Testing

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Facebook Ads – Creative

Once the audience has been determined i.e. addressing the issue of “who” to show the ads, the next most important aspect to attend is with “what” to target them which includes the creative strategy part of advertising.

Let’s discuss the two most strategically important aspects of Facebook ads:

Since Facebook enables the advertisers to target audience of their choice so it becomes important for the advertiser to understand the needs and interests of his target audience so that the ads can be fully customized for them. Generic ads that are not narrowly hitting the characteristics of your audience are proven to have relatively lesser impact and to deal with this it is strongly recommended that proper in-depth research should be done on your target audience to understand their behavior which can be done through studying their interests on social media and the blogs they read. By doing this, their interests and liking can be better known and reflecting them in ad copies and creative will have much better impact on the overall ad performance.

In addition to that, testing is an extremely important contributor of successful Facebook campaigns and no advertiser should ever underestimate its importance when it comes to creative testing. It is strongly recommended that the ad copies and creative combinations should be regularly tested against your target audiences to find out about their effectiveness when it comes to creative testing.

The best practice to make the most out of your creative assets is to split the targeting process into three steps or phases. In phase 1, the brand should be introduced and awareness is ought to be created. The 2nd phase is more focused on the product itself and its features rather than the brand while the 3rd and the final phase is where the conversion is sought with the help of a particular call-to-action.

Multiple ad formats should be used in different phases to attract attention of potential customers and to educate them about the brand or the product. A good and detailed research accompanied by properly structured A/B testing can do wonders for any advertiser.

Facebook Ads, Audience Type, remarketing audience, lookalike audience

Facebook Ads – Audience Types

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Facebook Ads – Audience Types

Remarketing Audience

Audience, indeed, is the most important aspect to understand when it comes to Facebook paid marketing. On a broader level, the audience types are split in to two broader categories i.e. Remarketing and Lookalike audience.

Remarketing is targeting people who have already had some kind of engagement with the brand, either they have visited your website, interacted with any of your ads and/or signed up to your mailing list. Since these are warm leads i.e. people have already shown some sort of interest in your business, product or brand so their conversion is more likely with lesser resources as compared to cold leads.

The Facebook Pixel

One way to build customer list through Facebook is using Facebook pixel. It has to be installed on the website to track the visitor behavior in terms of the pages they have visited. Now these people are added to your Facebook remarketing lists so they can be retargeted.

Website custom audiences can be segmented on these factors:

-How much time they have spent on the website

-The number of visits on the website

-Specific action taken on the website

-From what page did they bounce off from the website

Ads can be customized based on the people to whom those ads are to be shown from specific audience lists which makes Facebook ads work smarter and can be optimized in a better way.

Lookalike Audience

Once the website custom audience has been developed through the Facebook pixel and has been segregated based upon the desired category; now using them as seed audience, these can be expanded to target more potential customers which are people similar to your custom audience. These audiences are automatically updated by Facebook to keep them refreshed and most relevant.