How Snapchat has modernized Marketing

Snapchat has almost 150 million active users on a daily basis and is now considered a rising platform for companies to market and showcase their products and services. Snapchat offers multiple marketing opportunities but many companies are reluctant to experiment new ways of marketing on these rising platforms. Snapchat has its own advantages and disadvantages, that’s one of the most prominent reasons that users leave and join back Snapchat time to time.

Once marketers fully understand the rules of the game, they can jump in and achieve their business objectives. Marketers can engage customers through Snapchat by creating innovative promotions. Most Snapchat users fall into the age bracket of 18 to 34. But even if the target audience is not a part of this age bracket, it must be understood by marketers that Snapchat is on its way to becoming the universal marketing place and it is already being used by a huge number of companies to engage the audience by creating exclusive and creative stories.

Whenever a new social networking service is introduced, it costs less for marketers to grab a bigger pie because not a lot of people are aware of it and neither is it yet established. The more recognized the platform, the more costly it is. Best marketers foresee the prospects and utilize it before it becomes too populous.

Even though Snapchat is in its growth phase, but it’s already famous and it has more followers than Twitter. Despite so much prominence, marketers are still doubtful how to incorporate Snapchat into the marketing strategy. It is somewhat difficult to differentiate messaging from Snapchat in comparison to other social media networks on fairgrounds.

It’s always difficult for a new business to begin with the right marketing strategy. Similarly, even for marketers, it takes a while to decide the marketing mix for their clients. Currently, Snapchat is serving various purposes-sales, direct marketing, customer engagement, etc. The right kind of marketing is, however, achieved through the marketing funnel which incorporates the following three stages:

Awareness is the first stage. At this stage, viewers get to know about your product offerings.

Once they know what you can do for them and it matches their interest, then they move on to the second stage where prospects sign up or subscribe for your updates.

Finally, the prospects make an evaluation of their needs aligning with your offerings, resulting in a purchase from you.

Research shows that Snapchat is best for direct marketing. It also means that Snapchat is best at the second level of the marketing funnel, where main focus to engage more and more people. It is even proven by research that Snapchat is able to engage four times more people in comparison to other social media networks, say Facebook. Snapchat enables you to share a different perspective on your company because it helps you give a true view of what is actually happening, which does not seem to be possible with other social networks.

Effective marketing for business development on Snapchat is achievable through:

  1. Offering promo codes to your followers. Companies have succeeded in sending promo codes to their followers and viewers of their Snapchat story, also evident through Snapchat’s high engagement rate.
  2. Giving access to live happenings. Snapchat enables you to give a more realistic image of what actually your company is doing at that moment. It can be used to keep the prospect’s interest intact. Many companies have launched their products directly on Snapchat and have received an incredible response from their audiences. Allowing them to see when you are preparing and improvising will help create a profound connection.
  3. Providing individual content to the followers. Snapchat can be used to by marketers to build a heavy customer base by delivering value to the followers in a way which is currently not in hands of other social utilities. For instance, MK used Snapchat to showcase its new product line before launching it. MK followers on Snapchat were surprised and it gained their interest.
  4. Using influencers to increase your chances of getting noticed by a large audience. It is one of the most highly used marketing strategies in today’s world. When you have an influencer with you on Snapchat, it means you have a large number of people to view your happenings because then your content is viewed by both your audience and the audience of that influencer. You can even ask the influencers to post on your behalf.

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