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Instagram- The Novel Marketing Approach

Instagram is now among the most operated social utilities and is widely used as a marketing tool as well. It has been able to attract a huge number of active users, as stated by Instagram itself that it gained around a 100 million new users in September’17 making it up to 800 million active users since April’17. Companies can use Instagram to market themselves rightly and easily as it is fairly easy to reach out the potential customers on Instagram. It makes the whole marketing fuss a lot more effective by engaging the right audience.

There are no arguments against developing a marketing strategy on Instagram and if your company still doesn’t have a social presence on the extremely popular social network then it’s high time your company should jump in as well. When it’s said to be the right time, it is backed by three reasons. First being that Instagram can help marketers attain a much greater reach than other platforms by giving your post more than a quarter of target viewers. Research shows that Instagram has almost 24% more organic reach than Facebook and Tumblr. The more views you have in your post, the higher the opportunity for you to increase your overall customer base on Instagram. Secondly, Instagram can be used by companies for marketing their content in a way that boosts interactions. For instance, video content on Instagram by companies is considered more interactive and unique than other public networks. Research shows that companies using Instagram for marketing are able to engage 5% more audience in comparison to Facebook. It is evident that the differentiating factor between Facebook and Instagram is mostly video marketing. Instagram is a powerful customer engagement tool and if used rightly by marketing experts, it can create wonders for the company. Lastly, Instagram enables you to have a strong profile that has higher chances of getting noticed by potential customers. It is almost near becoming a need for any company to be socially present on Instagram. Research shows that companies having a creative Instagram profile can beat a nicely administered Facebook profile.

The crux is, every business needs to redefine their marketing approach and be socially active on Instagram. It has grown to be a huge marketing place to capture potential clients from all fragments of the world. It must now be clear that Instagram naturally generates a far better organic reach through marketing content as compared to Tumblr or Facebook.

Even though Instagram is well known for branding, it should balance out a company’s marketing approach rather than becoming the lead platform. Now is the time to think and improvise how Instagram can be best utilized by brands despite it being the highest in real-time customer engagement and organic reach?

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