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Facebook Ads – Audience Types

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Facebook Ads – Audience Types

Remarketing Audience

Audience, indeed, is the most important aspect to understand when it comes to Facebook paid marketing. On a broader level, the audience types are split in to two broader categories i.e. Remarketing and Lookalike audience.

Remarketing is targeting people who have already had some kind of engagement with the brand, either they have visited your website, interacted with any of your ads and/or signed up to your mailing list. Since these are warm leads i.e. people have already shown some sort of interest in your business, product or brand so their conversion is more likely with lesser resources as compared to cold leads.

The Facebook Pixel

One way to build customer list through Facebook is using Facebook pixel. It has to be installed on the website to track the visitor behavior in terms of the pages they have visited. Now these people are added to your Facebook remarketing lists so they can be retargeted.

Website custom audiences can be segmented on these factors:

-How much time they have spent on the website

-The number of visits on the website

-Specific action taken on the website

-From what page did they bounce off from the website

Ads can be customized based on the people to whom those ads are to be shown from specific audience lists which makes Facebook ads work smarter and can be optimized in a better way.

Lookalike Audience

Once the website custom audience has been developed through the Facebook pixel and has been segregated based upon the desired category; now using them as seed audience, these can be expanded to target more potential customers which are people similar to your custom audience. These audiences are automatically updated by Facebook to keep them refreshed and most relevant.

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